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Quarantine days

Hello everyone.

As we all are aware about the current covid 19 situation, i took this initiative to express my thoughts about the day to day routine and the things i experience, about my feelings, my views through this blog. Hope, i would be able to express and connect with everyone out there. I am glad i decided to create a blog of my own and i would really appreciate you all to share your views, your daily routine as well.

Okay, to begin with , my day started off at about 9am in the morning. My mumma had to go out for some grocery shopping as the lockdown was about to extend for another 15days in india. So i had to accompany her. While shopping, i saw a group of police men , heading towards the city in a line, it felt as if there was a march or rally, something like that. At first i was scared that why are they coming towards me but then i realised they were just passing by. There was a lady police officer as well in the group. How great isnt it? Police also has a family behind to look after but still they do their duty towards the nation, risking their own lives. And why only police? These shopkeepers, doctors, bankers, all citizens who are involved in essential services continue to serve for the nation and its people risking their own lives. Its commendable. We all must appreciate their sacrifice and co operate with them by not stepping out door without any reason. In such difficult situation it is really important to stay calm, peaceful and united and help each other. May God bless us all and may this bad phase shall pass soon.

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